We are old enough to know life is about the journey not the destination, so let’s make the trip worthwhile. We’re here to share in the adventures of aging with you. Maximizing your physical conditioning and happiness will ensure the best chances of living a healthier life longer. When your systems are running properly life is more enjoyable. We’ll put you on the path to live life to its fullest. Come join our tribe.

Our nutrition program is designed around evidence-based, scientific research, not the latest fad. We are exclusively focused on what increases lean body mass and decreases fat. Prime's nutritional support combined with its unique exercise program—which is vigorous and customized for the individual’s goals and limitations—restores, revitalizes and reminds women of how much fun it can be feel good in your body. We know women's bodies and we know how hormones influence your life and your choices. Our program is designed for exclusively for women.Each client receives regular assessments ensuring progress. Whether it's our mobility screen testing members for old injuries and alignment issues, our body composition assessment, our nutritional analysis or any of our other tools to gauge overall health, we deliver measurable results. Our small group environment allows our coaches to customize workouts to be vigorous and appropriate for each individual participant.


Our individual and group nutrition takes the sting out of the solitude most women feel on "diets." We're exclusively interested in making you fitter so you can lead a full life and we know how to get you there. Leave the shame at home, that's not part of our program, we want you to feel beautiful and powerful. Too many of us have been made to feel badly about our bodies and that ends the minute you walk through Prime's doors.

A key to living a long, healthy, happy life is finding your community. Prime is a place for women to find friends, coaches and colleagues. We aren't looking to be the biggest gym in town, we're not interested in being the trendiest bikini body shop around, but we’re determined to be the very best place for women to regain and maintain their whole-body health. That is our focus and the motivation behind every decision we make.

Because our program was design by a woman especially for other women, it also offers an educational component where members can brush up on the latest research that's relevant to their bodies. Each month we tackle a different topic, bring in experts, share stories and help each other know what to know when it comes to chronic illness, aging and medical choices. Our topics range from bone density to menopause and menstruation, from breast cancer, alzheimer's and heart disease to stress, the power of friendships and everything in between, because we know in today's world you need to be your own advocate.

At Prime, you'll find other women you'll respect and soon trust. Together we all work as a team, helping and supporting each other. Our clubs are designed for a maximum of 200 people, because we believe a community is key to your success. Together your coaches and friends will hold you accountable to your goals giving you the greatest chance of accomplishing them.