Prime women work hard and each is encouraged and coached at her own level. We have women training for triathlons and women looking to make it up the stairs without feeling out of breath. The beauty of our program is that we all work together on our individual goals. We screen everyone for injuries and mobility issues and then customize your workouts to build strength where you're weak and improve cardio output. You will feel your progress because you'll feel less tired doing the same work. We train in small groups where each member is tended to personally and the group provides encouragement collectively.

No matter your fitness level, you'll love feeling like an Amazon on the battle ropes, rowing, squatting and training with your team. Say goodbye to that belly fat and hello to a toned, strong core!

The team at PRIME Fitness has been there to push me further than I thought I can go and support me throughout it all! It has become my home away from home!

Need some more information about what the program at PRIME looks like?  Shoot us a question below.  We'd love to chat.

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