by Andy Maus

I like a good challenge. Whether it’s starting a new project at work, a new training program or a new nutrition program, a new challenge will motivate us to get the ball rolling and inspire us to reach new heights. We frequently run nutrition challenges in our studios because we know that it provides the necessary spark that some people need, we share the enjoyment (or suffering) with others as we work in a group to encourage each other. We also know that "the challenge" will only last for so long. 

Working in the field of fitness and nutrition for the past decade and half I have seen the benefits and the drawbacks of these contests or challenges. While the obvious benefits show up in the form of weight loss, improved mood, increased energy and a whole list of positive side effects, the drawback can often be the “magic pill” syndrome where the challenge ends and we don’t know what to do. Some might call this living in the “black and white” or “all or none” spectrum of adherence to exercise, nutrition or just about anything else in life. In the long run this can pose some serious negative consequences and it’s why we use Precision Nutrition (PN) as the base for our nutrition programming.

The PN nutrition program works on building habits over the course of 12 months and not the quick fix as we know that creating habits is what will lead to long term success and typically can be shared within the family as well with minimal push-back.

The other pitfall I run into this time of year is waiting for the perfect time. I’m going to burst your bubble here. There will NEVER be one. The Holidays, Summer parties, birthdays and anniversaries happen at the same time every year. It’s not what we do on those days that counts (well, it might a little), rather it’s about how we handle the other 90-97% of the year that is going to make the difference.

The good news is that the perfect time of year is about to happen. News Years Day…nope! It’s right now. You’ve probably heard the phrase “You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great”. The perfect time is any time you start so why not make that today.

Here’s a great article  ( written by Krista Scott-Dixon over at PN. If you have time, give it a read. And if you’re interested in hearing more about what Precision Nutrition has to offer, please reach out to us.

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